Who are we?

A pioneering company applies Amazon Model into the professional service industry.

NYIS is a pioneering company that applies the “platform and self-operated” Amazon Business Model into the professional service industry in the United States. NYIS is headquartered in Midtown Manhattan, New York City, New York.
Our platform matches professional services for each clients unique need. Through this platform we can recommend business and we welcome other service providers who might like to partner with us to serve the community.
Our service providers encompass the fields of law, realty, insurance, hospitality, and technology. NYIS Law was the flagship company and its founding established a tradition of dedication and service to the community. NYIS Realty was founded in response to the large amount of international students and existing clients that need assistance with housing and business real estate. NYIS Insurance is partnered with UnitedHealthcare in order to provide cost-effective, comprehensive insurance to international students. Our NYIS Hospitality brings people together who love food and have a dream. Finally, NYIS Platform has become tool of preference when selecting legal aid in the Chinese community.

Our Clients in the U.S.
Our Mission

Make professional services simple

Our Vision

NYIS is committed to becoming the platform of choice for professional services.

Using our streamlined technology, pool of professionals, and unique service business model, we anticipate being the preferred company and resource for clients, no matter their business needs.